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An innovative project from the ACV Group 
Look and Remember is an innovative multimedia project that facilitates the creation of personalized albums, books and photo libraries, either as a personal creative project or as a means of global cooperation online    Spearheaded by ACV, a publishing group founded in Barcelona in 1987, the project has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who fuse their business know how in the fields of editing and communication, with the application of the latest technologies in video creation and personalized publications.
Gift books, marketing and communication
For over 30 years, ACV has specialized in the creation of gift books for all publics, including the hugely successful series The Year You Were Born, and in original books and communication projects. ACV has additionally developed edutainment for companies.
A new publishing concept 
Look and Remember takes the traditional concept of a digital photo album one step further, opening it up for new definitions. By enabling users to completely personalize their photobooks.   The user personalizes her or his album with full use of a range of highly-inventive, professionally-designed graphic materials. All content is of publishing quality and comes in a wide range of formats.
A multidisciplinary team
Look and Remember has been developed and is managed by a team of dedicated professionals, experts in the fields of technology, editing and audiovisual communication.  Look and Remember's creative team are continually developing new and innovative content. This means that users can expect to be continually surprised and delighted while they pursue their own original creation of new photobooks.